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By Kim Lawrence, YLEO Distributor #1264221

I had lived with chronic pain in my right hip for over 3 years.  In speaking with a physical therapist, it was determined that the cause was most likely bursitis.  This diagnosis was never confirmed through tests, but agreed upon by both a chiropractor and a physician.  The pain emanated centrally from the joint, and wrapped around the outside of the hip from back to front.  It was nearly debilitating.  I have a high threshold for pain, as I would rate labor and giving birth about 4 on a scale of 10.  My hip pain would be rated an 8 or a 9, depending upon the day.  I had tried a number of things to alleviate the pain, including a chiropractor, large doses of OTC pain medications such as Motrin, physical therapy, and more.  Each method would provide short term relief, but never was the pain brought below a level 6 or 7, except when I was given cortisone for 9 days.  I was thrilled that my pain was nearly gone after 7 days of treatment.  As soon as I finished the treatment, the pain returned.  I wanted to continue treatment, but my doctor refused to renew the prescription due to the possible side effects of the drug.


I decided to live with the pain since nothing seemed to give real relief without harming other parts of my body.  I compensated by putting more pressure on my left side, which caused muscle pain on my left side and my back.  Having pain everywhere made the right hip pain seem less debilitating.  I had heard about Young Living Essential Oils as being a natural replacement for synthetic drugs, and having relative success in relieving pain.  I was willing to try anything.  I tried PanAway and Wintergreen.  Again, I received short term relief, down to a level of 6 or 7, with the need to apply the oils several times a day to receive this level of relief.  Then I heard that Raindrop Technique, a method of massage using YLEOs, might be the answer to my pain.  Again, I was willing to give it a try.  I even drove more than an hour over state lines to receive the treatment.  I arrived with a pain level of 8.5, and left with a level of 4.5.  I was thrilled!  The person who administered the Raindrop told me that the pain should drop over the next couple of days.  I was skeptical, but she was right!  After the second day, I was at about a 1.5 which means I could recognize the pain, but it was not at all debilitating. The pain was nearly gone for 2 weeks and I could feel it returning slowly.  I told someone in my water aerobics class about the success of my pain relief with Raindrop, and she told me that she knew someone locally who could perform the technique.  I made an appointment with her 3 weeks after my first procedure, but this time, I paid attention to how my body responded to the application of each oil.  I noticed an immediate relief with the application of 2 oils and I asked which they were.  I was told they were Valor and AromaSiez.  I ordered those oils and have used them for maintenance since this procedure.  I arrived at this second Raindrop with level 8 pain, left with level 4 pain, and within 5 days, the pain was completely gone!  The therapist told me that I wouldn’t have to return for 3-4 months, and I was incredulous.  I was expecting to have to return every 3 weeks.  It has been nearly 6 months since the treatment, and I have been pain free in my right hip nearly the entire time.  I believe that my use of Valor and AromaSiez has helped maintain my state of not having the pain return.  I use these oils on the bottoms of my feet 2 to 3 times a week.  Thank you, Young Living!

TESTIMONIAL for HYPERTENSION               By Kim Lawrence, YLEO Distributor #1264221

I was very surprised that I had developed high blood pressure after my move to Kansas City.  Prior to this, a systolic above 120 or a diastolic over 80 would have been considered high for me.  I also felt that I had less stress after the move since I didn’t have a job and I had a chance to work on things that I enjoyed like gardening, exercise, and reading for fun—all activities that have been thought to lower blood pressure.  I read about YLEOs that might be able to help lower blood pressure, and I started using oils I already had, including Cypress and Lavender.  I applied them to the bottoms of my feet, over my heart, and on VitaFlex points that represent the heart.  I also directly inhaled the oils and found dramatic reduction in blood pressure within minutes.  I have now added Ylang Ylang to the oils that I use for hypertension.


I have found YLEOs to provide a leveling effect, and my blood pressure has been normalized.


I have observed  that blood pressure values can change by as much as 25 systolic points and 15 diastolic points within five minutes of  YLEO application or inhalation.  I encourage you to try this for yourself.







By Kim Lawrence, YLEO Distributor #1264221

Diabetes is a very widespread disease marked by high blood sugar levels.  I wasn’t surprised when I was diagnosed with it, as it runs in my mother’s family.  I have tried to treat my diabetes with changes to my diet and increased exercise.  While these things seemed to help, they did not bring my blood sugar to acceptable levels, and I had to start taking various medications to help.  At the time that I began to use Young Living Essential Oils (YLEOs) for other maladies (chronic hip pain, for example), I was on three different medications for my diabetes, each administered twice daily.  When I experienced positive results for my chronic hip pain using YLEOs, I decided to research Young Living products that could help diabetes.  I started using Ningxia Red three times daily, adding oils such as Cinnamon Bark, Ocotea, Grapefruit, or Slique Essence to the Ningxia Red.  After several weeks, I decreased my dose of Ningxia Red to one ounce twice daily.  Without any other changes, I was able to wean myself off of two of my three diabetes medications.  I felt much better knowing that I replaced synthetic medications with natural products.  Also, the one diabetes medication I continued to take, I only took once a day.  I have been thrilled with the efficacy of Young Living products, and I enjoy the taste of them too!  My physicians were impressed with my progress and encouraged me to continue what I was doing.

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